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Physical Therapist bridges the gap between affordable and high-end treatment for clients in Accord MA.

With the Physical Therapist, the hand-selected team offers a tradition of superior one-on-one, comprehensive physical therapy, and sports medicine. Physical rehabilitation is supported by private treatment rooms, an extensive, ultra-modern, state-of-the-art gym, and a relaxed atmosphere conducive to wellness. The goal at Physical Therapist is a consistent one: evaluation of the problem areas, specific and effective treatment, and patient education. Patients receive constant supervision from a knowledgeable licensed physical therapist during their 45 to 60-minute sessions, resulting in successful treatment and unparalleled service.

Physical Therapist analyzes the whole person looking at their movement patterns and lifestyle to develop a truly personalized treatment experience, with an emphasis on functional therapeutic exercise. Traditional medicine treats the part and Functional Medicine treats the person. For example, when treating a painful knee, traditional medicine might simply identify what part of the knee is damaged or weak and focus simply on improving or strengthening that part of the knee.

The Physical Therapist approach looks at what caused the knee to weaken or degenerate. The therapist analyzes you and the way you move and how it affects your knee, from the foot all the way to the head. And treatment aims to correct the problem that caused the knee issue as opposed to simply treating the symptoms.

If you have had a problem or pain that no one has been able to figure out, give a clinician Physical Therapist a try. Let them find your weakest link and correct the problem.

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At Physical Therapist, we're designing a practice that gives therapists and patients the independence, control, and motivation they need to feel meaningful relief.

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